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Sep 26, 2011 6:00am EDT
months, retail gasoline prices have fallen below $3 a gallon in places, including parts of michigan, missouri, and texas. unfortunately, it's not fallen to below $3 a gallon here in the d.c. area. the relief is likely due to a sharp decline in crude oil prices. the national average for regular unleaded gasoline is $3.49 per gallon, down from a high of $3.98 in early may. the national average again is the lowest it's been in some time. the d.c. average is right around $3.62 a gallon, down from $3.73, and our area, virginia has the cheapest gas prices now. a gallon costs $3.35. that's down from 9 cents higher than it was a week ago. maryland is down 9 cents from $3.53 to $3.43, and in west virginia right now, they're paying $3.57 for a gallon of regular. there is more good news because some analysts are predicting that in november we may be paying $3.25 for a gallon of regular. i'm tracee wilkins live this morning in capitol heights. back to you all in the studio. >> we'd like to see that. tracee, thank you. >>> mortgage rates are dropping fast as well. cnbc's bertha coombs joins us l
Sep 21, 2011 6:00am EDT
. breaking news in michigan. police say they are investigating an explosion near monroe, michigan, that seriously injured three people. the scene is located about halfway between detroit and toledo. authorities say a car bomb led to that explosion. >>> another deadly day in mexico. police shut down this busy road in the coastal town of boca del rio after they dumped 35 bodies under a highway bridge. police say it's all connected to organized crime. violence has escalated as rival gangs fight for control there. at least 35,000 people have died in drug violence in mexico over the last five years. >>> nasa says a dead satellite in space will probably make a crash landing here on earth tomorrow. the six ton piece of equipment the size of a city bus was put into orbit back in 1991. nasa experts expect the satellite to break into small pieces before falling. scientists say it could land as far north as canada or as far south as south america, but it will probably land in the ocean. the odds of pieces of the satellite hitting anyone are 1 in 3,200. nasa adds that no one has ever been hit
Sep 5, 2011 6:00am EDT
families in detroit, michigan. he'll discuss his efforts to create jobs and strengthen the economy. this visit comes after a dismal jobs report on friday that showed employers had pretty much stopped hiring during the month of august. many economists had expected more than 90,000 new jobs to be adding in august. the president will outline what the white house is calling a comprehensive job creation plan this thursday during a speech to a joint session of congress. >>> sunday mark the 10th anniversary of the september 11 attacks. police in d.c. are already ramping up security. we have more live on the precautions that are being taken. >> reporter: good morning to you. police say across the country no matter where you are, they will be putting additional police officers on the streets. d.c. police chief lanier says officers will focus on ceremony and mass transit. there's a nationwide warning about al qaeda threats involving small planes. they say al qaeda was considering attacks with small planes as recently as this year. >> i think we're definitely better off. both of my parents worked a
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3